What is FEDLOG

What is FEDLOG?

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
Federal Logistics Information Service (FLIS)


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What FEDLOG does

The FEDLOG data product from the Federal Logistics Information Service (FLIS) of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is an offline search system for several segments of the USA Federal Logistics Database for codified supplies that are represented by a permanent National Stock Number (NSN).

NSN Depot provides FEDLOG Search by

  • Part Number
  • National Stock Number (NSN)
  • NIIN
  • CAGE
  • Keywords
  • Characteristics
  • Parameters

FEDLOG Terminology

FED LOG is known by other terms as well including FEDLOG Download, FedLog Catalog, FedLog WebFLIS, NSN Price Lookup, DLA FEDLOG Online, DOD eMall FedLog, FEDLOG Link, WebFLIS Download. The formal and correct term is FED LOG which stands for Federal Logistics data. Dates stored in the FEDLOG Database are Julian Date format (DDYYY).

FEDLOG Data Segments

Segment A Identification Data
Segment B MOE Rule Coded Data
Segment C Reference / Part Number Data
Segment D Phrase Data
Segment E Standardization Data
Segment G Freight Data
Segment H Management Data
Segment K Cancellation Data
Segment M Decoded Characteristics Data
Segment V Coded Characteristics Data
Segment W Packaging Data

Federal Logistics Data on Mobile Media (FED LOG)

New FED LOG is Here!

The FEDLOG Change for 2017 is as follows:

The FED LOG application has a new look and feel and comes with many new features. FED LOG now has a scroll format that replaces the tabs used to navigate the data. This makes FED LOG compatible with a multitude of platforms, as it is scalable to the screen size for the user. The data sets in FED LOG remain the same.

Users now have the ability to enter data (e.g. NSN, NIIN, Part Number, and CAGE Code) into a single search bar.This function provides output data to assist in the logistician’s research. The filter feature allows users to select service specific management data elements.

Users with a 64-bit computer are able to access both versions while users with a 32-bit computer will receive the old version only.

Federal Logistics (FED LOG) data provide users the ability to access Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) data during instances when internet connectivity is non-available. FED LOG provides essential information about items of suply to include the National Stock Number (NSN), the Approved Item Name, Manufacturers and Distributors information (to include Part Numbers), Freight Data, Hazardous Materiel Indicators, Interchangeable and Substitutable data, Acquisition Advice Code (AAC) and Unit Price, Physical and Performance Characteristics along with service specific management data.

FED LOG is available by subscription in a five disc CD-ROM set and/or a DVD that contains all program and data from the CD-ROM set.

Features of NSN Depot Search

Full Keyword Search
Part Number Search
CAGE Code Search
Technical and Logistics Parameter Search
Multiple Languages
Availability and Pricing Information

NSN Depot Provides an Alternate Service to FEDLOG

NSN Depot has been working hard to collect the data from the US Department of Defense as well as NATO and other publishing countries to provide a FREE NSN Lookup Service with advanced features which have not been available to the general public. NSN Depot extends the FEDLOG data with pictures of the items, pricing, procurement information, commercial characteristics and additional technical characteristics. The system is published globally in multiple languages with official translations of parameters where possible.

NSN Depot incorporates much of the public data available from the NATO Master Cross-Reference Library (NMCRL) which is a paid subscription available from NATO. Much of the AC/135 database of NATO is available by Freedom of Information Requests and from the manufacturers of the products themselves allowing NSN Depot to present this information augmented with pictures, pricing, sourcing information, commercial characteristics and technical characteristics.

The databases provided by NSN Depot are not simply a re-published version of the MCRL and NMCRL. NSN Depot has built the database over more than 12 years and the database includes many corrections not implemented by NATO and many many Gigabytes of additional information which NATO do not augment their database with.



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